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both daisies and bruises...

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Know then, unnumbered Spirits round thee fly...

I'm a middle-aged, divorced mother of two college-aged boys and a teenaged daughter. I live a busy life despite being challenged by lupus, fibromyalgia, and intractable chronic migraine. My interests include music, nature, history, civil rights, social issues (marriage equality and other LGBT concerns, environmental issues, and women's issues), fitness (although I'm limited), writing (original poetry and fiction, as well as various fandoms), and far too many others to list. I love discovering new people and I am fascinated by the way we are all connected.

I am told by friends and family that I'm stubborn, opinionated, hot-tempered, emotional, and fanciful. I prefer to think of myself as determined, idealistic, expressive, passionate, and creative. See how that works? : )

My spirituality is the center of my life, and could best be described as eclectic; I enjoy studying many faiths. I also find inspiration in the study of physics. I find nature indescribably beautiful and glorious, and I would love to spend most of my time outdoors (although I have a deep appreciation of indoor plumbing!) I practice meditation and prayer. I believe that change is coming. The social and political climate in the U.S. and around the world is tempestuous at best. Warfare, terrorism, hunger, poverty, oppression, economic and political instability, climate change, and geological/astronomical anomalies all combine to create the potential for a massive shift. I feel that certain, profound change is imminent, and that I have a job to do. My life's work is to bring light into my world.

The aim of this journal is to be creative, meet new people, organize my thoughts, and, most importantly, to translate thought to word.

Because life is good.

Because everything old is new again.

Because my words are valuable.

Because a light under a bushel is no light at all.
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